Rhyme, Rhythm & Song

Rhyme, Rhythm & Song

Message from Operation Smile

Lexxi smiling holding a photo of herself before cleft lip and cleft palate surgery

Rhyme Rhythm & Song, thank you! Thank you for choosing to support Operation Smile with a kind donation of £80.
Thanks to your generosity, more children like Lexxi will receive surgery, saving the smiles of a generation. Your continued support makes so much of our vital work possible - from providing essential equipment and funding life-saving surgeries, to training specialist surgeons in countries like Ethiopia. We want you to know that your help is every bit as important as our volunteer surgeons on the ground. Without you, none of this is possible.

Lexxi after her cleft lip and cleft palate surgery holding a goat

The lives we touch, the people we heal. Millions of children living with untreated cleft conditions have difficulties eating, breathing, speaking and being accepted by many of their peers and communities. But, Rhyme Rhythm & Song, your donation today is helping us change this story. Thank you.
In the UK cleft conditions are operated on within the first three to six months of a child being born. However, in many countries medical resources are scarce and, even when available, the cost of surgery and after-care is out of reach for many children and their families. Thatís where Operation Smile comes in with your help. You are making it possible for children with cleft to smile again.

On behalf of everyone at Operation Smile UK and all those we support thank you for you generosity. YOU ARE CHANGING CHILDREN’S LIVES